Pakistan Zindabad!

With Pakistan Independence Day just around the corner, August 14th, I decided to do a fun craft with the Moms and Tods group I facilitate every week. As parents, we love sentimental things that remind us of when our children were young. They are only small for a short time so it’s easy to forget just how small they actually were!

I picked up some paint to make flag hand prints!

We used green for the palm and thumb so that there was a big enough space to stick a little crescent and star made of paper. Then painted the four fingers and tip of the thumb white. I don’t think it really matters which hand you choose, because you can easily angle their hand however you want the flag to look. After the hand was quickly stamped to avoid a big mess, the paper crescent and star stick easily to wet paint.


I cut a toilet paper roll vertically to make 2 halves. Then I rolled up each half to make a smaller circle at the bottom. Then I cut the bottom into little strips. The idea behind this was to dip the rolls in paint and stamp them on paper to make a fireworks effect. In all honesty, I ended up hating the fireworks. They didn’t turn out that great and ended up covering the poem or hand print. However, I would do it again as a separate craft. Just something simple to keep the kids busy where you don’t have to worry about it looking a certain way.

I tried searching online for a National Pakistani poem but was unsuccessful. That didn’t stop me! I just delegated the poem to Hubby since he’s more of a poet.

Later it was concluded that there are National poems in Urdu, which explains why I couldn’t find them. You can use one of the Urdu poems, this poem, or even try writing one of your own! Clearly this poem is not going to win any writing awards, but as a keepsake for toddlers, it works just fine!

Not going to lie, I was totally anxious about doing this craft with a group of young children. I could just imagine my kids fighting, spilling paint, and it just ending in disaster! Surprisingly, it went very smoothly and, of course, the kids loved it! I can’t wait to do more activities like this again!

What are some ways you and your family celebrate the Independence Day?

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